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Top 5 Lessons We Get Reminded about the Big Hero 6 Movie 1. Push the Boundaries Oftentimes, we get really comfortable about what we already have or what we already know. We always want things easy. We think we are already equipped and there's nothing else to learn. We think we know everything, but the truth is we are an empty cup. Only the fool thinks his cup is already full. We should learn to learn even more, we should never settle because just like everyone else, we deserve the best. 2. Your Imagination is the Limit. As what Hiro said in the movie, if you can think it, you can build it. We should always remember that nothing is impossible in this planet. Yes, it may sound like a clichè but it is the truth. The internet, the computers, the cellphones and everything that we are enjoying today, are products of some people's imagination and we should be thankful for that. 3. They are not always what you think they are. Sometimes, there are people we look up to, and most of the time they are worth it. Sometimes we think they are incapable of doing something wrong, and we forget that they are humans too, that when they get hurt, they get mad and do bad things. But in the end we realize that when someone does wrong, we don't forget all the things they did right. 4. There is a certain type of pain that change us. There are two types of pain in this world; the pain that hurt us, and the pain that change us. No one in this world wants to be the villain, i think. We all aim to be good, be the best even. But at some point, we get hurt by people we love. And unconsciously we begin to change. We tend to fight back and hurt the people in return. We know we don't want to but still we end up doing it. But at the end of the day, we go back to what we always wanted, and that's to be great, so we forgive and then we forget. 5. Look for another angle. At times when our plans don't end up the way we want it, we seem to give up, we seem to feel less of a person. We fail to realize that its only a matter of looking in a different perspective. Sometimes we don't understand but there are always better things set up for us, even better than what we have planned. So smile, life is beautiful.
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